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Shining 3D AccuFab-D1s

Shining 3D AccuFab-D1s

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To order this item in the states of California, Illinois or Texas please call 1-833-448-9776 or email

Based on years of experience in the dental industry, the upgrade of AccuFab-D1s offers users a more intuitive and user-friendly workflow with even faster print speed and better accuracy. With diverse resin material options, it can meet diverse demands in restorative implant and orthodontic applications. This is the ideal printer solution for all dental customers wishing to enter into the era of digital production. 

Technical specifications

  • Dimension 394 mm * 406 mm *755 mm
  • Weight 30 Kg
  • Build Envelope 144 mm *81 mm * 160 mm
  • Print Speed Max 90 mm / h*
  • Print Accuracy ±35 μm**
  • Layer Thickness 50/75/100 μm
  • DLP Native Resolution 1920 x 1080, 1080 p
  • Material Option Open
  • Interface USB / Ethernet / Wi-Fi
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