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Shining 3D Fab Wash

Shining 3D Fab Wash

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To order this item in the states of California, Illinois or Texas please call 1-833-448-9776 or email

FabWash is the first fully automated, multi-stage part release, washing and drying system designed to provide the ease of use, consistency, speed, and cleanliness demanded by the modern dental 3D printing.

Technical specifications

  • Printer Compatibility AccuFab-D1s, AccuFab-L4D/L4K
  • Product Weight & Dimensions 
 34*30.3*45 cm  
Height when open: 75 cm
  • Bucket Volume 9.5L
  • Maximum Part Size 199*124*180 mm
  • Suggested Operating Environment -10℃~70℃
  • Agitation Method Magnetically coupled impeller
  • Include Accessories Wash Bucket / Wash Basket / Scraper / Brush / The adapter / Quick Guide
  • Power Requirements 100–240 V / 2.0A 50/60 Hz
    24V / 150 W
  • Compatible Solvent   > 75% alcohol, IPA, Water
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi
  • User Controls 1.54 inch OLED & Rotary knob
  • Safety Sensors    Automatic start/stop sensors; Build platform detection sensor; Solvent bucket detection sensor; Safety pressure sensor; Emergency stop switch
  • Product Features   Automatic part release function; Automatic predefined wash/dry function; User programmable wash/dry option.
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